1. Respect for the town of Clearwater & the festival community

We deeply appreciate the hospitable, friendly & beautiful town of Clearwater, Manitoba! We do not litter or trespass. We respect applicable laws.

2. Build bridges

The festival connects rural & urban people. We acknowledge we are on Treaty One land and the historical relationship & treaty obligations with First Nations.

3. Healthy & safe community

We aspire to host a welcoming, safe and fun festival. We welcome people of all genders, cultures, ages and sexualities. Discrimination is not tolerated. If you do not feel safe please let a security staff or a volunteer know.

4. Leave no trace & be green

We are committed to leaving no trace of our activities & clean up after ourselves. If we see garbage we help out & pick it up! We reduce our footprint on the planet by doing things like bringing a reusable mug, plate and car pooling.

5. Participation

We believe that positive transformation happens through participation. Everyone is invited to get involved in the Harvest Moon Society by being a member. We support the food security & sovereignty movement year-round.

6. Think locally act provincially, nationally, globally

We get involved where we can to create sustainable communities for current & future generations. We create spaces for people to learn local knowledge and connect to regional and national movements.

7. Community

Harvest Moon is a communal and collaborative effort, for the community, by the community. We value local and traditional knowledge.

8. Celebrating farmers, growers, local arts and heritage

The Harvest Moon Festival exists to celebrate community and the land that sustains us. We value those who grow, produce and distribute the food that sustains us. We value the artists, musicians and artisans that give voice to our collective experiences.